Godsized didn’t fail to entertain…

Closing stage 3 was Croydon band Godsized. The crowd size was as good as any band had enjoyed over the weekend on the New Bloods stage and Godsized did not disappoint…

Dwarfing the rest of the band, bassist Gav Kerrigan dominated the stage and shook the arena to the core with his thundering bass guitar while Effon bashed his drums hard and fast to blend with the torrent that Godsized had unleashed.

Vocalist Glen Komer entertained the crowd with powerful lyrics and shared the guitar solos with lead Neil Fish, keeping the energy high and the pace intense throughout the set.

Godsized utilised the stage very well, creating a set that really was a pleasure to experience. Their technical guitar riffs and energetic drumming ensured the crowd was on its feet and moshing like only a true metal head knows how.

Godsized closed stage 3 in the best fashion; even with White Wizzard playing on stage 2, the guys really drew in the crowd.