Could this possibly be the unluckiest band at the festival?

Solsikk was the first band on the main stage on Friday, a replacement for Tony Martin's Headless Cross who disappointingly cancelled their appearance.

As if being last-minute additions to the festival wasn’t bad enough, as soon as the band kicked off the first song they had to stop because of a mistake... hardly the best start! When the female-fronted band finally got going, they sounded not unlike a heavier version of Within Temptation.

There was a noticeable absence on stage; the band's bassist hadn't made it to Prestatyn following car trouble... could this possibly be the unluckiest band at the festival?

As the set goes on the lacklustre performance fails to hold the crowd's interest. Not the best of starts to the main stage; Solsikk really let themselves down.

Despite the limited number of female-fronted bands in the metal genre, I don’t think that Solsikk is good enough to take the world by storm. However, I would like to see them again with a full line-up and no problems.