Another solid performance

One of the best things about a Jonah gig is that you feel part of the experience and tonight is no exception, the venue is pretty full, not packed out but he gives 110% as always and plays mostly songs that have been requested by fans at the gig. Jonah starts by talking to the audience about ‘being the best you can be’ and enjoying life, it’s something he always does and to a UK crowd this can come across as a little cheesy but at the same time you can’t deny his sincerity, he really means this stuff and you can’t help but smile.

As always he plays well, his powerful voice often sending shivers up your spine as he hits those high notes and he pulls off chunky chords from heavier songs as well as more delicate and intricate riffs with an equal amount of ease on his solo guitar. Tonight he plays a mixture of Far (‘At Night We Live’ from the new album of the same name), Onelinedrawing (‘Bitte Ein Kuss’, ‘Yr Letter’, ‘A Ghost’ and others), solo stuff (‘I Want You To Be My Witness’) and various other covers including a very bizarre but great cover of Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So’ and they all get the crowd going. Jonah manages to captivate all in the venue, he chats between songs and cuts in sections from one song into another, mixing things up. For the quiet tunes there is even silence from those noisy punters at the bar and for the louder more rocky numbers everyone sings along as one. The atmosphere is fired up but friendly, like a drunken house party. Another solid and endearing show from the prolific performer.