The genre-defying quartet entertain a large crowd at the Red Bull stage

As one of the eight acts selected from the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition to join the Download 2010 line-up, Midlands-based band You and What Army find themselves performing to a jam-packed crowd. With pouring rain suddenly descending upon the Donington site, hundreds sought refuge in the tent-covered stages; hugely convenient for the up-and-coming quartet You and What Army.

The band’s style is what can best be described as trance-rap-rock. There are elements of screamo and metal thrown in all for good measure, but ultimately the audience are left with their aural senses utterly bewildered. Certainly in a good way, though; You and What Army were one of the most original bands of the weekend.

Both bassist Jamie Hancox and guitarist Kieran Smith clearly loved the freedom of wireless transmitters, with Hancox jumping down to the audience barrier within minutes of their set having started. Although confined to his throne, drummer Zak Hammond still offered a solid and animated contribution. Vocalist Dave Brown’s lively performance was captivating, eventually discovering that his lengthy hair was ideal for headbanging.

The four members of You and What Army were obviously living their dream and loving every moment of what was to be for them, an unforgettable moment. Songs like ‘Ascension’ and ‘Epidemic’ were perfectly suited to the live performance, brought to life with the energy of the four young performers.

The adrenaline-fuelled quartet may initially seem out of place at festivals like Download and Sonisphere, but open your ears to the music of You and What Army and there will be something in there for you.