Ripping Knebworth up into bits.

Renowned as being one of the "heaviest" metal bands in the world, Fear Factory is expected to offer a good mid-Saturday afternoon outlet.

It doesn't take long for guitarist, Dino Cazares, to get the circle pit started as the band blasts through 'Mechanize' from their new album with the same name. This is followed by 'Shock' and 'Edgecrusher', which incidentally also follow each other on "Obsolete", Fear Factory's third studio album; before they blast into 'Powershifter' and 'Fear Campaign', two more tracks from the new album.

Vocalist, Burton C. Bell, announced "some old shit coming up" before exploding into 'Martyr', the opening track from their 1992 debut, "Soul of a New Machine". Wrapping the show up with 'Demanufacture' and 'Replica' demonstrates just how difficult it must be to squeeze almost 20 years of groundbreaking metal into thirty minutes. Dino comfortably handles all the guitar work on his own whilst Burton C. Bell is on top form. We are all glad to see them playing together again after all these years. Ex Strapping Young Lad drummer, Gene Hoglan, fits right in with the family as if he's been there forever.

The mid afternoon blend of industrial and death metal has removed all hangovers that remained from Friday night and successfully ripped Knebworth up into pieces.