Shredding cello's

How do you shred a cello? We are about to find out as three cello's and one drum set hops on stage.

Apocalyptica earned their fame when they released the Metallica covers album in 1996, and we are assaulted with a classical cello version of 'Master of Puppets' from the onset. During the set they also cover 'Fight Fire with Fire' and 'Seek & Destroy', closing their performance with a Sepultura cover, 'Inquisition Symphony'.

I was hoping that, since Corey Taylor and Lacuna Coil were playing on the same day, they would get both Corey and Cristina Scabbia to sing the songs they had guest vocals on. In the end Corey's song, 'I'm not Jesus' was sung by touring vocalist, Tipe Johnson. Tipe also sang 'End of Me', which is on their new album, "7th Symphony". Tipe's vocals are awesome and give the band a real metal sound. Although there was no need for a vocalist when the Metallica songs were covered. The audience stood in for Mr. Hetfield and did fine.

All the cellists are extremely talented and playing neck breaking riffs, whilst running around or banging their heads off are quite impressive.