Yes, It's Fucking Political

From the second that Skin jumps on the stage with her black skin-tight outfit, white trainers and massive black hood, she instantaneously becomes the centre of attention as she kicks off with 'Yes, It's Fucking Political'. To be fair to the rest of the band, they are extremely talented, but Skin oozes so much charm and showmanship that she totally and utterly absorbs the entire spotlight for the duration of the show.

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The timing and positioning of the stage must have been awful for the band, as they would have had the sun directly into their eyes for the duration of the show, however, the sun must have had a tough time against Skin's voice beaming across the fields of Knebworth as she blasts through favourites such as 'Selling Jesus', 'Charlie Big Potato' and 'Twisted'. She has such a powerful set of lungs, but this is accompanied with a sweet smile, whilst hitting the high notes, loud and pitch perfect.

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The classic 'Charity' is delivered with a gentle onset only to blast into a loud and heavy song suitable for a rock show. After she delivers a couple of songs on the guitar, she climbs off the stage and attempts to actually "walk" on the crowd's hands. This works for a short while, but Skin ends up crowd surfing! With the second crowd surf she appeared to push some dude's face into her breasts. Back on stage she's not even out of breath after 45 minutes of constant dancing, crowd surfing and singing; all at the same time.

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Skunk Anansie lives up to the reputation of being amongst the most entertaining live bands. So in Skins words "Put your fucking hands up Knebworth...JUMP...JUMP!" Wrapping the awesome set up with 'Little Baby Swastikkka'.

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