The Iguana crawls over Knebworth

Henry Rollins warned us earlier today about Mr Pop. He reprimanded us that Iggy is probably older than all of us, but has more energy than three of us put together. It's been about 5 years I've seen them live, so let's see, bring it on Iggy. Show us how a 63 year old can rock.

When the ever topless Iggy jumps on stage, you can't help but be reminded that he is the age of your parents or even some of your grandparents, yet he jumps around on stage as if he is 20 years old. I have come to the conclusion that Iggy's got to be an alien.

The Stooges may be old boys, but they are playing solid Stooges Rock & Roll. This is demonstrated by Mike Watt, on the bass, being helped on and off stage by the roadies, wearing a leg brace from groin to ankle. He plays the complete show standing in one place, propped up by the leg brace. That, my friends, is Rock & Roll.

The Stooges blasts straight into 'Raw Power'. As always, Iggy invites some audience members to jump on stage. I have seen him just opening the stage up to as many people that can fit on, but this time he's decided to control the numbers and only let eight lucky rockers on. One fella tried to drop his trousers and almost got thrown of by the security. After a tug of war between security and Iggy, the dude managed to get back on stage. Iggy moves around like its 1969 before he rams '1970' up our collective assholes.

He has to take a few short breaks with the rest of the band playing solos or just by leaning and posing against whatever is closest, but all and all he blasts through the set with songs like 'Beyond the Law' and 'Fun House'.

Then the growling and barking starts and we all know what to expect next. Iggy is walking around on all fours whilst singing 'I wanna be your dog'. He jumps down into the press area, parading up and down on all fours. Back on stage he confesses that he loves the pit people and that he loves the smell of the people.

Unfortunately the great exodus has started as people get across to the Apollo Stage for Iron Maiden, but Iggy continues to close his set with 'Death Trip' and 'No Fun'. Iggy and the Stooges provide an hour of extreme rock delivered by the granddads of punk.