German heavy weights annihilate Knebworth

German heavy weights, Rammstein, are Sonisphere's second headlining act for 2010 on the Apollo Stage. As you could expect with one of the worlds most renowned live acts, the arena is packed to the rafters. This will be a very interesting battle of Rammstein against Iron Maiden on Sunday.

An enormous German flag drops and covers the entire stage. This is war, and to be honest, I think the Germans will win this battle tonight. The flag is ripped off and exploding fireworks set the mood.

Wearing his now infamous red leather apron, hair net and pink feather scarf, and with the inside of his mouth lit, Till Lindemann introduces the band to us with 'Rammstein'.

It doesn't matter that the band doesn't say a word to the audience. Nor does it matter that most of us can not understand a word being said. Rammstein is here blasting industrial metal across the English Rock hallow grounds of Knebworth; and we love it.

We all expect extraordinary fireworks and pyrotechnics with a Rammstein show, and we get it. The setlist, and special effects for that matter, is basically the same as we had with the Wembley Arena show earlier the year, but those who weren't there or those who are experiencing this for the first time are certainly blasted away.

The set is carefully balanced with old classics and new songs, but the look in Till Lindemann eyes convince me this man is mentally insane. His resonant bass voice is blasted across the field whilst he slams his fist (aka the Till-Hammer) onto his thigh.

Amongst the fire balls shooting from the stage, fire guns, fire trumpets and awesome fireworks, we have the act where an apparent stage invader is set alight. One of the firework highlights is where one is actually shot through the stage's roof. This was very cleverly done with synchronised fireworks on and behind the stage, setting this illusion.

After Christian "Flake" Lorenz is murdered by Till Lindemann, he reappears lit up with an LED suit and plays the rest of the set walking on a treadmill for almost an hour. Unfortunately he doesn't sail out over the crowd in his rubber dingy as he did at the Wembley Arena show.

For years we wanted Rammstein at a festival, and it was always dismissed as impossible due to the stage setup and special effects. Well Sonisphere proved the doubters wrong and did it.

'Thank you very very much' are the only words spoken by Till Lindemann at the end.
I think Knebworth has been conquered by Germany and we are praying on a little English band to take it back tomorrow.