Post Metalcore from young Geordies

Five-piece, This Is Divine, from Newcastle set up for an early slot at the Red Bull Stage, to deliver their Post-Metalcore set. This was always going to be a tricky slot and a clash with a big band such as Soul Fly, doesn't help. Unfortunately it appears that the band is basically supported by current fans and friends, leaving the tent quite empty. However the band is having an awesome time at Sonisphere.

They blast through their set with some really heavy double peddling on the bass drum and solid, fast guitar riffs. Front man, Chris B, delivers his growling vocals and is very well received.

The set is generally very good, but the sound desk turned the microphone and drums to high. This totally overpowers the rest of the band, and the hard working guitarists' riffs are totally drowned by it.

All and all a good set but they may work better in a smaller venue with an experienced sound-man at the mixing desk.