What a waste of time

In the hunt to make the same discovery on the Jagermeister Stage I did last year with Defiled, I return on Saturday at 13:30 to hear this American band that I've never heard or even heard of. Totally open minded I approach the stage and settle down in preparation for another awesome find.

The band comes on stage and the lead vocalist, who looks a bit like Jimi Hendrix, looks totally stoned. Then they kick their show off with what ever song it was.

What the hell is this? Am I missing something? Maybe it's still too early for me? Maybe my hangover is still too bad? This is the biggest shower of shit I have ever witnessed at Sonisphere. The vocalist is just screaming in a Sid Vicious monotone and the guitars are just making an absolute racket.

Cerebral Ballzy belongs in a 70's underground punk club and should have stayed there. The vocalist effectively approves of drug use by saying "it's fun" and teen alcoholism by singing "drink like you are 15 forever".

The biggest insult comes before the third track when he declares he loves skating, as a matter of fact, he would rather be skating right now! There are thousands of bands (who incidentally can actually play music) who would gladly donate their left metallic ball to play at Sonisphere, but this band would rather be skating?

After 10 minutes and into their third song, aptly titled 'Puke Song', I've had enough.