North Eastern Hardcore

The Casino Brawl is a hardcore band from Sunderland and Newcastle. They have released their debut album, "Shades; Directions" through In The Deep End Records in September 2009. To be totally honest, I don't know their work and am only here at the Jagermeister Stage because Good Charlotte is currently occupying the Apollo Stage.

They are a very talented young hardcore band and get some hardcore dancing response from the crowd. I felt that the backing vocals, provided by one of the guitarists, was a little off key at times, but this went mostly unnoticed by the predominantly young hardcore crowd before it got totally overwhelmed by Jonny Ferguson' screaming vocals the rest of the time.

This was a solid hardcore performance by the lads, but, possibly because I'm not a hardcore, windmill dancing, kung fu kicking young lad, it wasn't my scene. The rest of the crowd, however, seemed to really enjoy their set.