This is simple, no fuss Heavy Metal!

A solid performance delivered by the four piece metal band from Milton Keynes. SMT are signed to Transcend Records and their new album "The Ruin of Man" is out now. Buy it, it is METAL!!

Straight from the onset we know we have a metal show on. With chugging guitars pumping out some great metal riffs, solid drumming, add a very talented bassist and a vocalist with voice that reminds me of Dio; and you'll understand my excitement over SMT. Throughout the set they delivered constant head banging songs and the response from the crowd is great.

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The end the set with their very first single, '2008' and with this bassist, Josh Gurner, disappears off stage and the next moment we noticed he climbed to the top of the two storey Jagermeister bar without missing a beat. After playing most of the song from up there, he comes down and goes straight into the epicentre of the mosh pit to complete this awesome display and great set in style.

Great solid head banging METAL!!

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