Hardcore, hard working and good times

Hard working and constantly touring band, While She Sleeps, are playing at the Strongbow Bar, one of the new stages added to Sonisphere this year. The stage is probably the better setup of the three smaller stages with a bar and seating area.

This hardcore Sheffield band is constantly on tour and has a solid fan base and devoted followers. I interviewed them earlier today, and am looking forward to this set.

The band comes on stage with what must be a traditional piano tune offering a false sense of security in the peacefulness of the intro.

Front man, Lawrence Taylor, is popular with the crowd and his lively, loud, hardcore performance is well received by the audience. He is having a blast; hopping all over the place with his "Missing Child" T-shirt and the whole crowd is behind him from the onset.

A small pit is formed in front of the stage but this is quickly taken over by some scene kids with their attempt to do some hardcore windmill dancing. Unfortunately there are always scene kids who spoil the gig for others.

Taylor jumps into the crowd a few times, adding some crowd surfing which always goes down a treat.

All and all it was a very good gig except for a couple of kung fu kicking scene kids.