Poor Sound

It is said by many Yorkshire-folk that Sheffield is "only just Yorkshire", and in the same way Rolo Tomassi are only just a Math-Rock band. They're also only just an art-punk band. What is defined as 'experimental' rock could also be seen as more like ambiguity and indecision. It's this ambiguity which means Rolo Tomassi can be very easy band to like, but also an easy band to hate. Like a musical version of Marmite.

This is demonstrated in the mixed response for the five-piece on the main stage in the middle of the afternoon, with a set taken mostly from recent second album 'Cosmology'. Their jaunty, messy, jazzy sound is difficult for many to handle, especially with the added inevitable sound issues that are experienced at festivals.

On the plus side, the Rolo Tomassi fans at the front enjoyed the show, especially when guitarist, Joe Nicholson, crowd surfed mid song with his guitar. Sadly, this festival with the problematic sound just did them no favours at all.