Sunday Openers

The opening act on the Main Stage on the Sunday of Hevy was Blackpool band Me Vs Hero. The five piece took to the stage far too close to midday for most people, who seemed to prefer to not to give this entertaining band a try and nurse hangovers in the confines of their own tent.

The style of music was a complete change around from the pure power and aggression to more melodic rock, not without its moments of heavy chords and screams. This basically summed up the Sunday openers, plenty of good tunes for those that did make the effort to attend full of good old fashioned rocking music. Judging the reaction of the crowd at the end they clearly did enjoy it. However, the attempted human pyramid was a poor show, will put it down to the hangovers.

The only slightly annoying point was lead singer, Sam Thompson, repeatedly saying good morning at 12.30 in the afternoon but I guess for bands that is as close as morning as they will see. All in all, an enjoyable start to the day.

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