An early evening slot on the Main Stage on the last day of Hevy shows just how far The King Blues have come in the last year or two and with performances like this it is easy to see why the organisers gave them a higher billing than bands like Madina Lake.

The King Blues got the crowd jumping, dancing, surfing and even one member of the audience up on the stage with their perfect blend of Ska-Punk. The guy who got up on stage has the bands backroom staff to thank for not getting kicked out but was made to stage dive back into the crowd, which after a big build up he jumped and he failed, landing on the barrier, which everyone else seemed to find quite amusing.

Newish single, 'Headbutt', was introduced and the crowd still sang while bouncing up and down. Jonny 'Itch' Fox gave a powerful anti-fascist speech leading into 'The Streets are Ours' which saw the crowd go wild. Whenever lead singer 'Itch' went up to the barriers to the crowd he was lost in a sea of hands, such is the love the crowd have for this band.

The set was closed with 'Save The World, Get The Girl' and it was pretty clear The King Blues could have carried on for the rest of the night and the crowd would not mind one bit.