Wall of Cuddles

When you are told at a festival that Danananaykroyd clash with Gallows, it's the kind of thing you'd be expecting to happen in the middle of the afternoon at a broad-ranging festival like Reading, and neither band would suffer in terms of audience. But alter the setting to the headline slots of the literally-named 'Hevy' festival and the result is interesting.

There is little about Danan's cheerful 'fight-pop' sound that fits in here, but alas here they are, and it is a welcome relief for many from a day of relentless power chords. The ever popular and infamous 'Wall of Cuddles' is once more arranged by the front-duo of Calum and John and, despite the small crowd, they are a devoted bunch who are happy to throw themselves into the arms of a complete stranger. The overwhelming sense in the Rocksound tent is one of collective smugness, and as is pointed out by the band themselves, this audience would walk back to their tents that night having formed a gleeful bond with both the 6 men on stage and the stranger opposite them in the 'Wall of Cuddles'. Something that would almost certainly not be happening to the many who opted for Gallows.

As well as established crowd favourites 'Black Wax' and 'Some Dresses', new material for their forthcoming new record is performed and danced along to by many, if not all. There is a lot to look forward to from Danananaykroyd.