Scorching Set

Four piece Chickenhawk had an early afternoon slot on the Sunday and for those that made their way to the Rocksound tent were treated to an impressive display from the Leeds Alt Rockers, knocking any hang overs that were still lingering out of the heads.

Chickenhawk have been building a reputation for great sets by playing rocking songs with complicated riffs including dramatic pauses mid track and refusing to play standard run of the mill tunes, which today they played perfectly tight bringing a great reception from all those in attendance, all the way to those standing at the back.

Lead singer, Paul, made sure the crowd were involved throughout with his energetic display on stage, even if he did speak the obvious when saying "Fuck, it's hot in here", we already noticed. He even apologised for the briefest of breaks explaining they were letting drummer, Matthew, cool down.

Other than an amp causing a bit of a problem right at the end for bassist Ryan, this was an awesome set that deserved to be a lot higher up on the bill.