Blitz Kids @ Hevy

For the next half hour, The Blitz Kids seems to have the crowd feeding out of their hands as they blare out their infamous catchy yet aggressive melodies with irresistible choruses of 'la, la, la' creating an explosion of pure energy and chaos. If there's one emotion and feeling present during today's set, it's the feeling of anger, just presented in a slightly more poppy way. Teasing the crowd with his charms and his reruns of delving into the crowd, vocalist Joe is hard to resist both musically and charmingly. Deep bass lines, pacing drums and unique little tweaks and guitar hooks make Blitz Kids irresistibly catchy. Although the crowd is only made of a few that have enough energy to still dance after the first 1o minutes, tracks such as 'The Comedian' literally send Joe over the front barrier and ends their set by balancing on the heads, arms and any other part of their fans he can support himself on (they will later on get themselves through a full weekend's supply of alcohol in the course of one night). But Blitz Kids are more than just party starters determined to cause an absolute riot with their antagonism ,but a band that are continuing to grow and develop into a band made of perfectionists determined to make every head turn in their direction with a fun approach. If you have not yet heard of The Blitz Kids, now would be a good time to check them out.

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