Festival Republic Stage

Decked out in Fred Perry shirts, Chapel Club appeared more as mods than their dreamy, trance-like soundscapes would suggest. Appearances can be deceptive and with the Festival Republic stage on the throughway, a mid afternoon slot should always garner interest from passersby. So it proved as soon as a din tantamount to sonic disorder finally unravelled to coherent vocals and bled into 'O Maybe I'.

Lead singer Lewis Bowman may also appear hostile but as the focal point it was his forceful vocal performance which set the tone amidst enveloping My Bloody Valentine-esque feedback drenched guitar drones. Pleasantries he dished out more prudently and such an understated approach gave the intense rendition of 'Five Trees' the unblemished arrogance it deserved.

His audience cannot say they were not warned when he declared "You have one more chance to dance before it gets heavy". Of course 'The Shore' delivered with brutal, chugging guitar and building atmospherics until another shredding crescendo to which Bowman calmly stood aside. 'Surfacing' was far more involving with the band themselves playing with their head up for once to deliver one of their more immediate tracks. An ominous sound but with manners to take home, few sets could have been more sincere.