NME/Radio 1 Stage

Opening any stage on the final day of a festival must be a challenging slot. For one, many a reveller can be excused for demanding a few more hours kip but for those who got up in time for Frankie and The Heartstrings there were rich rewards. Indeed, lead singer Frankie Francis seemed dutifully impressed with the turnout anyway and if his audience were barely awake, they were wide eyed and bushy tailed after poppy opener 'Possibilities'. Though his declaration that the band too were hungover was perhaps folly, thanks largely to an effervescent rendition of 'That Postcard'.

Francis remained the driving force behind their guitarpop; camply swinging his microphone during 'Tender' to add to the track's feelgood factor. 'Want You Back' was more introspective with Francis' swooning vocals of a broken heart to hardened guitar lines. Quickfire indie disco sensibilities came from 'Photograph' until a cheeky bassline and high-pitched guitar screeches. They then galloped into an acerbic 'Ungrateful' which demonstrated as much sheen as Francis' freshly polished hair. Their indulgent refrains became difficult to resist as 'Hunger' and 'Fragile' proved that while Francis may have the look of a 1960's teddyboy, his voice could melt the coldest of hearts and even relieve the strongest of hangovers. With the early birds rewarded, others may want to catch Frankie and The Heartstrings while they can.