Main Stage

For one of the more taxing performances of the weekend, look no further than Modest Mouse. During the late afternoon on the Main Stage it became easy to lose yourself in Isaac Brock's winsome drawl when backed by such effective percussion as it proved for opener '3rd Planet'. Amidst blustery conditions it seemed that unfestered facial hair suited such an unconventional band yet each track was more a sum of its parts from a collective effort. Considering that the band remained steadfastly focused they could be forgiven for failing to acknowledge the intermittent rainfall, even the sight of thousands of anoraks being unveiled then hastily packed away again.

Crowd banter was kept to a strict minimum as tightly wrapped melodies were orchestrated from a packed 6ft square space. Though 'Satin In A Coffin' added some vigour as the sun made a brief appearance. Unsettling jangly riffs and stomping percussion accompanied the repeated line: "Are you dead or are you sleeping?" gaining new meaning to a largely disinterested crowd. At times, the band seemed far too indulgent in their own craft as Brock seemed to prefer to serenade his own microphone instead of the crowd which evoked the faux styles of Vic Reeves. The selfish approach gained few kudos with the only words given for an albeit cheerful goodbye.