NME/Radio 1 Stage

As the final dates on a mini-European tour, the weekend must have seemed like sweet relief to Local Natives, not that they were pining for home quite yet. Their penchant for symphonic vocals seems to have hit a chord on these shores with emphatic applause gifted to 'Camera Talk'. This was a collective effort with each front member given extra percussion which would eventually give way to chilling vocals from frontman Taylor Rain.

A field in West Yorkshire is a long way from Silver Lake, LA but the effect was more sprawling than urban. Little wonder where the Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire comparisons have arose with minimal guitar and intricate melodies which contributed to a blissfully layered sound. Once in their comfort zone, the likes of light hearted 'Airplanes' fell into place with a smattering of piano refrains, swelling vocals and tinny percussion.

Atmospherics aside, Rain's west coast drawl stood out, drawing an audience in during 'Who Knows, Who Cares' until welcome backing arrived from Matt Frazier's sympathetic drumming. By final track 'Sun Hands', the band had a captivated yet involved audience to its persuasive intro. Against swelling feedback, Rain then invited friends onstage to accompany with even more percussion. A memorable finale, if more so for security forcing the band to graciously conclude.