Main Stage

Local heroes The Cribs returned to familiar territory on Saturday afternoon; the Main Stage at Leeds Festival. Granted, the brothers Jarman hail from Wakefield but they can probably see their home from atop the whirling fairground rides. After a punishing tour schedule, the weekend was marked as the final dates before a well deserved break but given the gusto to the likes of 'We Were Aborted' and 'Hey Scenesters' you would not have guessed.
With Johnny Marr now adding a regal understanding of the sixstring, the rest of the band could concentrate on a ramshackle charm offensive for 'Mirror Kisses'.

Their performance was not all onstage frenetics; 'Be Safe' was accompanied by a spoken word piece from Sonic Youth's, now visual artist, Lee Ranaldo on the big screens. Such a departure echoed the sentiments of 'I'm A Realist' until a typically chaotic rendition of 'Our Bovine Public'. Considering the lack of an intro or even a pause worthy of note it seemed Ryan Jarman was in a rush to get home judging by his hurried vocals. Thankfully 'Men's Needs' was gifted the elongated intro, then showmanlike guitar solos, the show-stopper deserved leaving a strangely calm and reserved 'City of Bugs' to close the set.

Such a rushed performance can be forgiven by The Cribs, at least they haven't got far to get home.