NME/Radio 1 Stage

As the Sunday morning hangovers subsided, it was high time for some excitement and the nu-rave beats of New Young Pony Club. The band seemingly knew the demand for excitement as they launched into opener 'Chaos'. Yet while their dancepop was fitting, they appeared as if having stumbled in from a Saturday night out, as lead singer Tahita Bulmer and her synth sidekick Lou Hayter added some glam in tights and pencil skirts.

An hypnotic light show and the rising, high pitched vocals for the notorious 'Dolls' allowed Bulmer to confidently strut across the stage until the synths kicked back in. The throbbing electro intro continued until a sexy bassline brought in 'Ice Cream' to sassy guitar though it lacked the killer touch and instead sounded bloodingly camp. 'Lost A Girl' was far more menacing as Andy Spence's guitar lurked in the background to suit Bulmer's now dangerous vocals yet the track always seemed to be building and never reaching climax.

The teasing approach continued with the over-exuberance of 'We Want To' falling far too early in the day for some. Its tempting neon lights and slow burning rhythms more befitting a dancefloor at 2am than a tent 12 hours earlier. Alas, the band clearly had no control over the timing of their own slot but they manfully gave it one last go with a sweeping rendition of 'The Bomb' and for a few fleeting moments you could have forgotten it was lunchtime.