NME/Radio 1 Stage

Few bands bring their own stage accessories to a festival but flowers decorated Girls' set at the NME/Radio 1 Stage. Such attention to detail meant that the slow burning serenade of opener 'Ghostmouth' sounded even lazier that perceived. If only they had graduated to the Main Stage as the track felt best enjoyed horizontal until one final, sparkling refrain. 'Laura' proved far more effervescent with its bouncy downstrokes and straining, nervous vocals from Christopher Owens, who had the continually endearing impression of a teenager about to ask a girl out to Prom.

The set also provided Girls the chance to air new material from their forthcoming second album. Still with tentative titles, the latest tracks helped demonstrate a progression from their soaring, dreamy soundscapes. 'Heartbreaker' hinted at country with a cheeky guitar twang and a show stealing guitar solo from Owens. This was a gentlemanly performance as Owens even apologised for a nasty bit of feedback, then shrugged his way into an almost
apologetic rendition of 'Substance'.

As the final date of a cross-country tour they simply seemed relieved to be nearly home as 'Solitude' profited from a childlike innocent and frivolity whilst 'Lust for Life' displayed a similar penchant for serene guitar refrains. Emotions were also laid out for 'Hellhole Ratrace' as the set suddenly became a confessional, albeit with a sizeable crowd slow dancing along until a feedback drenched crescendo. The set was given a final lease of life when the Elvis Costello-esque 'Big Bad Mean Motherfucker' closed the set to angst ridden, reverbs. Of course, those flowers did not go to waste as the band heroically flung them to a new set of fans.