The Get Up Kids at Leeds 2010

On Thursday night, warm-up headliner Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly shouted out to the crowd that everyone should get themselves to see The Get Up Kids on Friday. In conversation during an interview with us, Frank Turner also said that if we were to see anyone at the festival 'Get Up Kids, Get Up Kids, Get Up Kids. The Get Up Kids changed my fucking life.' Who are we to not pay heed to such wise words from these gentlemen?

So, to the Lock Up Stage it was. And what good advice it was. A passionate crowd and awesome lighting set an impressive atmosphere for a band that can really deliver. Their songs clearly meant a lot to many in the audience and as musicians, they respectfully gave them a show that they would not only remember, but was filled with everything they had to offer. Opening with the sublime 'Holiday', you could go back in time and hear them at their classic emo finest, but without looking like older men trying to recapture their youth. They simply are the music, and they live it out on stage.'I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel' was so delicious it made your teeth hurt. Old school tracks like 'One Love' and reeeeal old school tracks like 'Woodson' kept their raw punk edge but had the added punch of a gloriously well polished performance. It was also great to see a band that didn't want to overlook the earlier material, as it became like a triumphant chronology of the band of incredible stature they have become today.

With every explosive track you just found yourself stood there thinking to yourself 'yeah, they're really fucking good.' A highlight was definitely when the sexy bass line of 'Keith Case' made the whole tent come to life with its mucky throb making your skin tingle and your feet tap. The delicious synthy goodness and euphoric chorus of 'Action and Action' towards the end of the set felt like the musical wrapping up of a happy ending in a film. And 'Ten Minutes' felt like the perfect note to end on, giving those few who hadn't let themselves get involved have one last chance to let themselves go in the blinding glare of this master-class of melodious rock.

It ended up feeling like a really short set despite the fact they got through thirteen songs, all of them perfectly chosen for the bright and scorching gig tucked back in the corner of the dark field. The quality of the performance and the freshness of their music when you get to see them live makes you really comprehend how they have become such a source of inspiration to so many of today's alternative artists.