Motion City Soundtrack at Leeds 2010

If anyone is capable of leaping onto the back of the wild (or not so wild) first slot of the day on the main stage at Leeds Festival and get it owned, it's Motion City Soundtrack. A cross between the lyricism and vocals of Alkaline Trio with the fresh zest of pop-punk of New Found Glory, via the melodious rock of Taking Back Sunday; this is a band that can capture the ears, attention and dancing feet of any audience.

Endearingly sweet pop, laced with catchy synth, guitar, and bouncing energy made for a fantastic start to day two. They are a band that are typically good live performers, singer Justin Pierre being armed with strong vocals that can withstand the windiest of stages. Opener 'My Favourite Accident' threw the audience into the eye of the MCS storm, providing a treat for the fans and a push into the deep end for those who were new to them. Chart-friendly 'Broken Heart' with its charming choruses kept the tone happy and light, leading the way for aptly Weezer-esque 'This Is For Real' to keep every head's nodding department thoroughly occupied.

Older tracks like 'Make Out Kids', its synths complimenting the glimpses of sunshine, and 'The Future Freaks Me Out' kept recapturing audience attention between introductions of newer material from 2010's album 'My Dinosaur Life'. Wisely, and sticking with MCS tradition, the solid set was finished on a smile-inducing high with 'Everything Is Alright'. Even the coolest of hipsters in the skinniest of jeans and the pointiest of Winklepickers would struggle to say that it's a bad song. It's fizzy pop and sparklers in musical form. Played immaculately, it set phasers to 'fun' and laid a great foundation for the rest of the day's line-up in what was a cracking and smart little set.