Pulled Apart By Horses at Leeds 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses create something not too unlike a peculiar and feral creature that skulks about by the light of the moon, howling and shrieking and kicking the crap out of everything. Musically. Well that's what pops to mind anyway. There are no 'normal' descriptions for anything a band like this incites. It's a peculiar world they create, but one that is a treat to be invited to sample.

You watch these lads at work and you can't help thinking that a) They must be shattered by the end of their set, and b) Lead vocalist Tom Hudson is definitely going to need a Strepsil or two afterwards. Dear lord that chap has a growl on him. It's fantastic. It's quite a mixed feeling listening to a Pulled Apart By Horses set. You are repeatedly battered from head to toe by rapacious drum beats and abrasively heavy guitar riffs...but it's incredible. 'Back To The Fuck Yeah', complete with eruptions of howling and screaming is a full submersion of unadulterated rock n' roll. 'High Five Swan Dive Nose Dive', with it's orgasmically weighty guitar breakdowns and high tempo drum rolls is just... perfect. So good you wonder how it's taken until now for such a song to be written.

Quite frankly, seeing them live makes you realise that their brilliance is borne from insanity. Pulled Apart By Horses are pent up mayhem unleashed like a shaken bottle of fizzy pop. They live, breathe and sweat the music. 'I've Got Guestlist To Rory O'Hara's Suicide' is an example of their post-hardcore finery, twitching and fitting in an abundance of irrepressible energy. Crowd favourite 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' was a highlight, the wild and obscure lyrics being spat out with utmost rock n roll soul.

A fine homecoming for one of the most talked about bands this year, bursting with uncontrollable and incredible musical talent.