Yeasayer (Reading & Leeds 2010)

Something curious about Yeasayer is that no one seems to be able to pin down what they are and just why it is they're so good. They sort of fall randomly into the category of 'indie' but this genre has become so vast that saying so could mean music in the style of anything from Alphabeat to The Smiths.

The same conundrum strikes me with the band's live performance. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the whole weekend, a mindblowing performance that truly stuck with me, but what was it that made it so good? There were no novelty additions, visually there was nothing out of the ordinary. I think the only explantion I can summon is that they were just playing really good songs and playing them well.

The latest album 'Odd Blood' is rich with catchy and original tunes, not a single song on this album isn't great for a transition to live performances with infectious and to-the-point lyrics that an audience can scream back to the band, 'stick up for yourself son'. 'O.N.E'. went down well with existing and new fans alike, as well it should. Poignant lyrics and wonderfully detailed instrumentation played perfectly, Anand Wilder's vocals are unlike anything I've heard before.
I shall reiterate, an absolute highlight and a brilliant live act that made me feel like I'd wasted my life prior to seeing them. Undefinable music by a very special band.