Freelance Whales (Reading & Leeds 2010)

Freelance Whales were an act that really gave me the butterflies prior to Reading. A young band (forming in 2008) that have achieved a fantastic album and a large fanbase in a small amount of time. Freelance Whales have a similar sound to bands such as Local Natives but add an electronic element to the comtemporary folksy sounds. Each member looked as if they were undeniably in a band with the American preppy look and flaunting great charisma. Opening on what I'd hoped they would, 'Generator ^ First Floor' was a good start with a great song. A little hiccup of quiet vocals to the fault of the sound guy was soon fixed and forgotten.

Starting with a modest sized crowd, outsiders wandered in as the set progressed until the arena was bursting at the seams. The newcomers treated their audience to all the best hits from their debut album in a relatively short set early in the day.
The onlookers put on their dancing shoes to the track 'Starring', a brilliant and powerful electronically driven song - in years to come this is the one crowds will sing along to the loudest.

A modest and slightly amateur feel - but far from disappointing - with a hint of nerves, Freelance Whales were clearly a young band. However, they certainly are a better young band than many and I'm anxious to hear future records and see how the perform in a few years with some experience and a greater fan-base under their belt.