Holy Fuck (Reading & Leeds 2010)

Canadian four-piece Holy Fuck were my number one most pleasant discovery at Reading. I'd even go as far as to say that this was the best set I saw all weekend. Many other punters who were unfamiliar with the band were forced into the Dance Stage by the relentless rain and were consequently thankful for the poor weather all day.

I don't throw the term 'mind-blowing' about, but the infectious and unbelievably expert music of Holy Fuck left me with little else to think but "Holy Fuck". Their sound consists of opulent, glittery space-age static and looped, manipulated vocals anchored by funky bass and masterful drumming (by the coolest drummer on the planet FYI). The rain leaking through the tent and onto drummer Matt Schulz's head didn't stop his adept timekeeping and incredible range.

The set seemed to be split into two styles; electronically driven, echoey and dreamlike tracks with elements of breakbeat and then a second half of the standard formula of Post Rock such as the track 'Lovely Allen' with an atmospheric and ambient build up to an explosive climax.

The skills of the band were in tune with keyboard and effects player Graham Walsh's beard growing ability - second to none. Leaving the listeners with endorphins leaking into their systems, Holy Fuck are a truly awe inspiring band.