Weezer (Reading & Leeds)

As the much anticipated Blink-182 set was gradually closing in and becoming a reality, Weezer or 'Rivers Cuomo and some other people' played the sunny Sunday afternoon with the most supremely entertaining set of the weekend.

People are quick to jump down the throats of the band members by claiming that their endorsement deal with Hurley surf gear plus the use of the image of 'Lost' character Hurley on the new album of the same name, the inclusion of several YouTube celebrities in the 'Porks and Beans' video and the guest apperance of Lil' Wayne in recent single 'Can't Stop Partying' makes them 'sellouts' - whatever that's supposed to mean. Weezer deliver entertainment that live is second to none, loved by fans everywhere - who cares by what means? Something that strikes me about Weezer is that as a band, they have an absolute blast which totally reflects on the crowds at a live show. People who grumble about the past few albums being 'churned out', too mainstream etc etc seem to miss the point of just about everything Weezer does as being in the name of humour, irony and simply for fun, because that's what they are - a fun band. Rivers Cuomo's crowd banter was nothing short of hilarious as he thanked crowds for 'wearing the Weezer t-shirt', perhaps an ironic suggestion that these people have stuck by Weezer despite the last few albums and being abandoned by the haters.

Opener 'Hash Pipe' induced crowds to instantly raise their fingers in the 'W' shape in approval, a sight which was unavoidable as the band delivered hits spanning their career including the massive singalong 'Beverly Hills', 'Undone - The Sweater Song' in which Cuomo jumped up and down on a miniature trampoline and closing on the crowd favourite 'Buddy Holly'. Weezer also had little surprises interspersed among their own hits during their set, namely covers of Lady Gaga's 'Pokerface' as sung by Cuomo in a blonde wig, alongside a cover of Wheatus's 'Teenage Dirtbag'; a jocular reference to people mixing up the band's names and thinking that Weezer had written the song. The band also paid homage to MGMT's 'Kids'. I've seen MGMT live; there is no doubt in my mind that Weezer's version is infinitely better. A sneak preview of new song 'Memories' from Weezer's latest album 'Hurley' showed the crowds that they've still got the unmatchable pop songwriting ability with that special spark only they possess.

As the band prepare to release a B-Sides and rarities album in November followed by an album of new tracks for 2011, prepare yourselves for more selling out for our pleasure. Weezer sacrificed their souls for us, long may they remain musical superstars.