Heart, soul and passion

On the opening night of their tour Voodoo Hussy took to the stage to the roar of the crowd, every person in the room eager to see and hear what this band were all about.

Frontwoman Shabby charmingly announced she was full of nerves, then promptly kicked in to a song that showed neither she nor the band had any reason to be. From the strong start they just got better and better as the set went on, drawing from their own energy and the energy of the crowd.

Shabby is a consummate entertainer and tops this off with a strong voice; melodic and powerful it stands out over the music as she sings words that have obvious meaning to the band. Bassist Naj is a steady, solid presence on the stage sporting a non stop beaming smile; the interactions between her and Shabby completely natural and endearing.

Pyro and Liz on guitars were non stop movement, heads banging and guitars flying; while Martin kept everyone in line with his drum beats.

Voodoo Hussy are a band that are clearly connected to each other and all undeniably passionate about what they do. Their joint energy spilled out and drew the crowd in to share in the love of the music. Each song increased the energy, with every single person in the room, band and crowd alike, seeming to peak during the hard rock bluesy single 'Say You Love Me'; then somehow finding even more as Voodoo Hussy got their support act Red and Pink on stage for a heavy pop rock piece and taught the crowd to 'cinch it down'.

Each song is relatable with a distinct Voodoo Hussy style, the set starting with solid punky rock and getting heavier as the night went on. Returning for an encore Voodoo Hussy gave us a down and dirty, deep song that had the room singing and moving and ended the night on a shared high.

There's been a lot of buzz about this band, and all of it completely justified. Voodoo Hussy are strong recorded, but really come in to their own when live. They are my top pick for the ones to watch in 2011.

For remaining 2010 dates visit their site.