Punk energy galore

Being the opening act is always a tough gig, never more so than when your set starts 30 minutes after the doors open. Tonight, although the crowd that had made it through the doors was small they were appreciative and vocal in their support of Kenelis.

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Front woman Mel Sanson's voice stood out strongly above the solid as fuck beats and the smooth melodies. A small power packed girl, she was wound up like a spring, her presence dominated the stage and her energy and passion connecting with the room. She attracted the crowd from the start, then held that connection strongly through to the end.

Single 'Sick' was performed to appreciative ears and the crowd raised their voices to sing along. Kenelis followed this with stand out song 'Jealous', its smooth verses interspersed with slamming choruses and Sanson's presence flowing between calm and composed and crazy energy.

Closing with a song dedicated to crazy ex's, Sanson got down in to the crowd to share their energy and everyone went wild. There is clearly an abundance of passion, energy and heart in Kenelis and they were the perfect opener for a night where that became the theme.

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