Good news for people who like good music

Everything is running late on this Tuesday evening as the rain lashes down, but the somewhat bedraggled crowd assembled to watch Bright Eyes and Modest Mouse really don’t seem to care. A calm, relaxed atmosphere echoes from the speakers alongside the support bands' mesmerising vocals. Pounding rhythms and skittish guitars that sound ready to take flight at the first sign of danger make up the majority of their music but it’s by no means unpleasant. Finding the punters relaxed, most with a Carling in hand, their music blossoms into an emotional display that sparkles under the lighting. As they depart, people begin to pack into the hall. Even with limited advertising for this gig, the Shepherds Bush Empire is full to the brim - the sign of a good band.

When Modest Mouse take to the stage the room explodes into cheers. Every single song they play is greeted with a furious applause, every song seen out with a barrage of cheers. Modest Mouse’s newest album, Good News For People Who Love Bad News, is due out on July the 19th, but people still know the words. The upcoming single ‘Float On’ is a definate highlight of this dazzling set, the quirky lyrics, that are delivered perfectly by Isaac Brock, bring smiles to many of the faces watching. With seven albums under their belt, Modest Mouse have a large amount of material to play, but the set tonight is a pleasant compilation that takes them right up to the modern day. No song is bad, but the newer tracks stand out as their best work. Black Cadillacs is thrilling to hear live, the chorus' throbbing words get everyone present nodding their heads or leaping around, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed.

It’s not just Isaac Brock’s voice which makes Modest Mouse such a pleasure to listen to; the band surrounding him are also at the top of their game. Perfectly in time, they’re absorbed in the ever-changing sounds they make. There may not be much stage talk, but the music radiating from the stage more than makes up for it. The inclusion of softer tracks such as ‘One Chance’ show how Modest Mouse appeal to the wide range of individuals who make up the crowd tonight. Sadly, no one under the age of 18 appears present. Maybe a good thing for people who just want to watch a damn good band play without being pushed around, but even less seasoned rockers would appreciate the strange beauty found underneath the purring guitars enough to concentrate on marvelling rather than shoving each other.

Modest Mouse could easily be called the thinking rockers band. All the songs, whether old or new, tackle issues that affect all of us. If you’re going to Reading & Leads this year, be sure to take the chance to hear this exciting four piece in action!