Strong music and crazy energy

Katalina Kicks took the stage at the 100 Club with a lot of energy and they kept that energy high from start to end. Front man Ian George was a non stop blur of movement and sound, flanked by super laid back cool as fuck G on guitar and J Creswell on bass, they demanded the crowds attention and got it.

Plagued by technical difficulties early on they took it in their stride, Creswell treating us to some bass while things were sorted out, before the foursome kicked in to high energy pulsing songs with sharp beats and funky bass topped off with fast paced vocals.

Mid set we were treated to 'Angel', announced by George as one "for the ladies", a strong song that showed off just how good Katalina Kicks are. It's lyrics line would work in any sort of ballad, but coupled with their musical sensibilities and the entire bands attitude on stage, it avoided any cheese factor and instead was a strong rock song, a highlight in the set and one we'll hear crowds singing along to in the not to distant future.

The West Londoners blend of punk, grunge and pure rock always draws an attentive crowd and tonight they pulled out all the stops. The music got stronger, the crowd got rowdier and the band got crazier - the intensity building so much that it spilled over into insanity and the set ended with the rather unnecessary destruction of the stage.