It doesn't get better than this

The 100 Club is legendary, it holds its history in its walls and is a stunning venue - but it can be a tough place for bands to get their sound just right. Tonight, Colours Of One did it effortlessly, from the moment they started they filled the room with an immense and beautiful sound.

Frontman Michael Simmonds has a smooth as silk voice and tonight his lyrics drove the melody, leading a sound that filled every corner of the room. The Welsh boys (they're from Bridgend) didn't put a foot wrong. Subtly infusing every moment of their set with an addictive quality, their intensity and talent caught peoples attention and their presence connected with every person there. Each member of the band clearly enjoyed themselves, bassist Chris Dower and guitarist Matthew 'Miff' Tuck exuding a cool confident vibe while drummer Paul Jones and guitarist Rhys Hart were non stop energy.

From the up beat dancey vibes that had the room moving to the simple soaring epics that catch your heart and make you soar, they stole the show tonight and set the bar impossibly high for the acts that were to follow.

Closing the set, Simmonds stated that "music is all about having fun and we've had fun tonight", that statement summing up exactly why their performance tonight couldn't be bettered. Music is about having fun and when talented people have fun with what they do - nothing can beat them! They closed the set with fan favourite 'RLD' leaving everyone on a high.