Decent but not special

The Suburbians are one of those bands that play an inoffensive brand of generic rock. Giving off a laid back, smooth energy they teamed casual confidence with strong melodies and hook laden choruses; the end result being a set that would have been great to listen to outdoors, on the grass with the sun shining down. Unfortunately we were in doors, at night!

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Their slow songs had the crowd swaying, the fast had everyone dancing. With strong harmonies and solid melodies their songs are accessible and their energy on stage is inviting and fun.

The second half of the set was weaker as their energy waned and the melodies became a bit disjointed. There was an odd moment part way through where they broke into Rage Against The Machine, and a highly talented but out of place drum solo, but for the most part the set was consistent.

On the whole, The Suburbians are good accessible rock and when they lose the gimmicks and strengthen their set they'll be good. Tonight it wasn't quite working.

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