Starseed just keep getting better

Room Thirteen favourites Starseed took the stage at Purple Turtle to warm up for their Sunday appearance at Download 2011. And boy are they ready.

It's been about a year since a line up change saw bassist Murray McChlery join the band and they've gone from strength to strength ever since.

Their first song left the room gaping in awe, a silent pause of appreciation preceeding the thunderous applause before frontman Russell Spence announced the next would be their single 'See Through Your Lies' (released 6th June), the band started and the crowd went nuts.

Tonight Starseed were on another level. So connected that they moved as one, so in tune with their intricate, epic music that it just flowed without fault. Even the odd moment of feedback early on harmonised with the song! The energy was immense and the stage just oozed passion and energy. They ended the set with a cacophony of sound that saw Russell leap from the stage to dance with the crowd before returning to sing the final melodies of the night. The crowd then spent the next hour telling each other how amazing it was.

It was one of those nights where everything worked and every single person in the room was full of life - even normally cool, calm collected guitarist Pete Wicker was a blur of movement.

Are Starseed warmed up for Download? You bet they are.