Pure metal

Neuronspoiler are a proper old school metal band. From their cool, calm and collected frontman JR and non stop blur of Tim Barclay on drums to the absolutely mental hair and attitude of the rest. They ooze metal from their pores.

They hit the stage with a bang, smooth deep vocals and screaming guitars filling Purple Turtle and making the crowd roar. The energy was high and the band were clearly feeling the love, guitarist David del Cid sprinting through the room to the balcony, rocking out for half a song then parting the crowd to return to the stage.

As the set progressed a few cracks showed, some of the harmonies were slightly off, particularly on the 'whoa oh' backing vocals and some of the songs blurred together due to their similarity.

But through the set the energy grew and the crowd intensified; the enjoyment of everyone was palpable and by the end they finished to a roar of appreciation from the entire room.