Decent effort for an early act

Getting people indoors at 7:30 on a sunny day in London is a tough job, but Feral Sun's reputation of being worth watching had managed to draw a small but decent group and they were richly rewarded.

Tempering pure funk beats with intensely smooth melodies and guitar hooks to die for, it was an blend of sound that, teamed with the strength and presence coming from every corner of the stage, indicated things were gearing up for a thoroughly mind blowing set.

The quartet stuttered a little in the middle, clearly wanting to engage the crowd - and they got some response but not much which is as to be expected for the first band up in a small venue. It threw frontman Mick Burns off a bit and there was an awkward pause before he asked the crowd to sing along to a few lines from the upcoming song. The crowd responded and chanted "the worlds gone insane are we to blame" a few times before it petered off and thankfully the drums, guitar and bass kicked in.

Clearly used to playing to a larger crowd, tonight was slightly off. The music was almost there, but at points the time changes didn't quite work. When the performance is a touch smoother and the band settle their stage presence to cater to all sized crowds, it's clear they'll be epic. Feral Sun are certainly one to keep an eye on.