Forty Thousand Fists in the Rain

With the uncompromising weather forcing many fans to retire from the weekend prematurely, the nu-metallers had to make do with what audience they had. Backed by a beautifully shot introductory film, the quartet took their places on stage, seemingly hoping that the visuals and pyrotechnics would do most of their work for them.

For anyone who caught Disturbed on the Taste of Chaos tour towards the end of 2010, there was not much new on offer for their return to Britain. Heavily centred around the contents of their 2010 album 'Asylum,' the four-piece rocketed into their set with 'Remnants' and 'Asylum,' also choosing to flesh out their slot with 'Warrior', 'The Animal' and 'Another Way to Die'. It was only as the band reached their last four songs that the set seemed to intensify. Whilst it was pleasing to hear the likes of 'Prayer' interspersed in between new material, it was only the consecutive placing of 'Stupify', 'Ten Thousand Fists' and 'Indestructible' that seemed to bring the performance to life. However, there was no finer way to finish than with the animalistic track 'Down With the Sickness,' rewarding many of the resilient fans who had most likely endured the hour-long set in the inexorable rain just to hear that single song.

Unlike some bands over the weekend that appeared elated to be a part of the festival, David Draiman and company didn't appear or sound overly enthused to be there. Draiman's voice was passable, but he was by no means delivering the strength that we tend to expect. Their focus on delivering their 'Asylum' tracks so early on prevented them from immediately setting their set alight with excitement, instead leaving it dangerously late to try and get the crowd energized. But hold your fists in the air and raise your voices; Disturbed are still a forceful live act.