Does anybody even care?

Having embarked on a short UK tour in March, Canadian hardcore band Silverstein revisited England to make their second appearance at Download Festival. The circle pits were in motion, the fans were in the mood for a rock show, but the quintet was reluctant to match their enthusiasm. Silverstein announced to their audience numerous times that this was to be their last ever show in the United Kingdom, yet strangely showed no signs of appreciation for the memories that British touring had given them over the years.

Regardless of whether or not the Ontarians did actually wish to be there, they did still deliver a bonecrushing performance, with songs such as 'Burning Hearts' being constantly propelled by drummer Paul Koehler's furious stick work. Their traditional juxtaposition of screaming and melodic vocals worked effectively on songs such as 'Sacrifice' and 'The Artist,' as it did for the extremely well-received hit 'My Heroine'. Parting ways with 'Broken Stars,' post-hardcore rockers Silverstein headed off with little gratitude for the sizeable crowd that had gathered to see them at the Pepsi Max stage.

An appearance at Download Festival is often naturally met by bands with nothing but excitement and honour, but as Silverstein proceeded through their set, it came across that their appearance was purely a chore. With the recent release of their fifth album, 'Rescue,' band morale should have been at an all time peak, but stating that they would not be returning to the UK felt like a massive kick in the teeth for the audience. Way to go, Silverstein, you really know how to make your fans feel like their support is worthless.