Turning ripples into waves

The Ocean Between Us: the eighth and final name drawn out of the hat in the 2011 Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition. Selected as the wild card act, Copping and Co. had clearly seen potential in this explosive ensemble and it was down to the quintet to show what they could bring to the festival roster.

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Despite only having pulled quite a small audience, it offered the chance for a select few individuals to practice their hardcore dancing, with fists flying furiously to the post-hardcore outbursts of the Leeds five-piece. When the band called for the thinly populated crowd to form a circle pit, hardly anyone seemed surprised that the spiral of mayhem almost stretched out to the diameter of the tent.

Led by the passion of vocalist Judd Wrighton, The Ocean Between Us frenzied through their short set, with drummer Robert Kennedy contributing a particularly noteworthy performance. 'Hearts of Lions' stuck out as a definite highlight, suited to the marginally less enraged vocal style adopted, which didn't quite match the ferocity displayed in the band's studio recording of the track.

The Ocean Between Us have yet to develop a sense of star quality, but appreciating that this was the young quintet's first festival appearance, no one was too expectant. The group clearly gave it their best effort, desperate to prove that their wild card status was not a wasted gamble. Vocalist Judd Wrighton, for one, will certainly vouch that he gave everything he had; continuing to the bitter end, despite losing one of his teeth during the set.

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