The sun was shining, but they continued to soar

Sons of Icarus were another band to appear at Download Festival's Jagermeister stage stating that they were unaccustomed to acoustic performances, but you would never have known. Their riff-based rock songs initially did not come across as the type to translate well acoustically, but the results were delightfully surprising. The band may well have unconventionally retained the use of a drum kit and an electric bass, but the teaming with two twangy acoustic guitars and singer Andy Masson's incredibly strong vocals was unexpectedly ideal. Numbers like 'Find Your Way' and 'Beauty Queen' were fantastic adaptations of their original electric selves, the latter song being an amazingly pleasant composition despite the lyrical context of it being about a prostitute.

The hard rock quartet from Guildford may only have been supplied with 25 minutes in which to deliver all of their material, including promising tracks such as 'You Want It All,' but they did a tremendous job. Coinciding with the sun breaking through the clouds lurking above the Donington site, the young foursome illustrated the praiseworthiness of British rock, with music that may not have been hugely original, but was well presented. Although they no longer go by the name 'The Fury', Sons of Icarus still offer commendably passionate performances. If you get the chance to see them live, electric or acoustic, make sure you do!

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