From Wales with love

Like many other acts over the three days of rock, reformations and rain (the three Rs of Download 2011, kids), Swansea post rockers The Last Republic took to the Jagermeister stage as a full band, also neglecting its primary status as an acoustic tent by doing so. Yet although their songs should have been received as soulful and moving, they regrettably just came across as lifeless and deficient.

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Both Dafydd Anthony's elegant electric guitar parts and David Llewellyn's passionate piano additions were handled well, but the set really did hang in an unconvincing limbo between acoustic and electric. Drummer Aron Harris could barely be heard and his insufficient presence made one wonder whether he would have been better ditching the full kit and equipping a cajon to add to the acoustic flavourings. Especially if bassist Jordan Daniels could have acquired an acoustic bass, this show could have taken shape quite nicely. Seated for most of the slot, some members did choose to rise to their feet as their set was drawing to an end, but it all felt too little too late.

A late cancellation from Slaves to Gravity understandably handed them little time to organise their festival set, but even their final offering felt ultimately unprepared. The acoustic stage often poses quite a challenge for many bands at Download, with a large proportion of them stating that they don't normally play acoustically. The Last Republic's alternative style is one that should have been well suited to the acoustic translation, but rather failed to provide the spine-tingling moments that it could easily have done.

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