Ear blasting wake-up call

It is an early start to Saturday, and we expect it to be a heavy start with the Reading based metallers, Sylosis starting things up at the Apollo Stage.

Sylosis does not disappoint! With probably the largest turnout Sonisphere has witnessed for an opening act on Saturday morning, yes it was 11am in the morning, the mosh pit was going full blast and two circle pits formed instantly.

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The most impressive thing about Sylosis is how Josh Middleton burns the frets on lead guitar, whilst proving the vocals. Granted Alex Bailey supports the lead guitar role when the band plays live, but some of the licks Josh pumps out is living proof of a very talented guitarist.

Josh appeared to be humbled by the fact that the previous person who stood where he was standing was James Hetfield. Ignoring the fact that most of the audience is either sober or hanging with serious hangovers, Josh incites the circle pits. He wants to be mesmerized by the pits, so gets them moving in opposite directions.

With great charm, heavy vocals and extremely talented guitarists, Sylosis will definitely be the next big metal act from the UK.

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