Ready or not, here comes Djent!

The Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage is the ideal venue for TesseracT. It is the most intimate stage at Sonisphere, and being enclosed, perfect for the ear assault carried out by one of the leaders of metal's latest sub-genre's, Djent. For those still catching up on all the modern sub-genre's created in metal, Djent is the style generally associated with the likes of Meshuggah, and describes the sound made when by heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chord.

Whilst the band is still breaking through and the genre is still in its foetus stage, the following is greatly underestimated. The Red Bull stage is jam packed and security is forced to put barriers up, leaving half the fans stuck outside.

As TesseracT blast through the tracks on their debut album, the crowd gets totally into the groove and the mosh pit escalates into a polyrhythmic frenzy. The Sonisphere security is caught out as crows surfers suddenly appear and start tumbling over the barriers.

TesseracT is a band to watch as they are clearly going places with solid support and gathering loads of new fans daily. At this rate, they will be playing Bohemia Stage next year and could be on the main stage the year after.